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We have learned from experience that foreign homeowners in Turkey are not often thinking about: what if an owner of a home in Turkey dies? Which things need to be done in Turkey in such a case?.

The general rule at Turks inheritance is that the children and surviving spouse automatically are heirs of the deceased.

However in practice, we see regularly situations where courts are settling a Turkish Will much quicker than a Will prepared in the home country of the foreigner.

You understand all that this has implications for the expenses of the succession settlement as well as the time involved. Often a complicated matter for the families. To avoid this it is wise to arrange  this also in Turkey before it occurs.

If you do not have a standard family situation (man-woman-child) but for example a composite family or you are with more than 1 person owners of a property in Turkey (registered on the title deed) we advise you to get information about your options.

For example: you have together bought a house in Turkey. You are both on the title deed. For example, suppose your partner dies and you want to sell the property. How should you act? What should be legally regulated?

We will guide and advise you what solutions we can offer to include the settlement of your inheritance to have settled well in Turkey.

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