Pamukkale and Salda Lake

Pamukkale located near the city of Denizli is an area with hot springs where travertine is deposited on a large scale in a kind of terraces. The water runs down through terraces on different levels. Calcium-rich water of 35 degrees Celsius comes to the surface in several sources. After the water has reached the surface, the dissolved carbon dioxide escapes from the water. The consequence of this is that the water can retain less dissolved lime and the lime is deposited in the form of travertine.

At the end of the 2nd century BC, the dynasty of the Attalids – the kings of Pergamon – built the thermal spa at Hierapolis. The warm basins and swimming pools contain water with a therapeutic effect. The ruins of these baths can still be seen. The same applies to temples and other Greek monuments.

Salda Lake

Salda lake is one of the deepest, clearest and cleanest tectonic lakes of Turkey. A place who everyone with a turquoise passion must have seen. Salda is a crater lake and definitely worth a visit. Salda is known as the Maldives of Turkey with white sand and glassy turquoise water. Lake Salda is 185 meters deep and rich of soda and magnesium. This is also the secret of the unique white beach.