Sightseeings Manavgat

Manavgat is the city that lies 3 km from Side and is easily accessible with the dolmusbus. This city offers you a cosy centre with nice shopping streets. Right through Manavgat flows the Manavgatriver with many boats during the summer season. Manavgat has also a number of popular attractions which are visited every year by tourists and the local population. The Manavgat waterfall is located approximately four kilometres north of the centre of Manavgat. The waterfall is not very high and also has no waterthat comes with enormous violence down but it is a horseshoe-shaped waterfall that passes quietly in the Manavgat river.

Next to the waterfall is a vantage point that offers a good view over the waterfall and where you can create beautiful photos. You pay a small fee to access the waterfall and the garden restaurant.. Also take a look at the stalls that sell handicrafts and at the other restaurants. There is also a park where you can picnic with the entire family. There may be a lot of people on hot summer days but you walk upstream to avoid the hustle.

Every Monday and Thursday there is a very nice bazar in Manavgat. You will be amazed by the many: vegetables, spices, fruits, teas, handicrafts, clothes and so on. This market is definitely worth for a visit.
The Manavgatriver is one of the longest underground rivers in the world and one of the few who is fed by only one source (the Dumanli source) the river has 2 reservoirs with the names: Oymapinar and Manavgat. The turquoise green waters are rich of minerals. In addition, very bright and pure. You can canoe or by boat make a small voyage of discovery.

You can spot aquatic turtles sunbathing on the tree trunks on the banks of the River.