The travel time is approximately 1 hour from Side to Alanya

The Red Tower is the symbol of the city. Built in the 13th century and intended to protect the shipyard of Alanya. The ground floor serves as a dependency of the Alanya Museum with a collection of tools, weapons, cutlery and other objects from the Ottoman time. In the Alanya Museum itself is much more to see; most impressive is perhaps the bronze statue of Hercules. The Red Tower is located right smack in the particularly cosy harbour with plenty of shops and entertainment venues.

Another attraction is the Damlatas cave. That was discovered during the building of the port in 1948. There are stalagmites and stalactites to see millions of years old. In addition, the cave has a salutary impact on asthma patients. The cave in the morning is reserved for this group. Some patients visit the cave even on “prescription drugs”! The cave can be reached by following the signs from the idyllic Cleopatra-Beach.

High (250 m) above Alanya is located an old Castle. Construction began already before our era. In the course of the centuries, there are still parts added. The winding road to the castle is sometimes very steep but you can catch your breath at one of the bars or restaurants along this route.

The Dimcayi River, only 6 km away from the Centre of Alanya, rises in the Taurus Mountains, and flows after 60 km out in the Mediterranean. The river water is not only cool in the winter but also ensures a refreshing dip on hot summer days. On the shores and in the water there are several picnic areas. Delicious for a Sunday breakfast. At about 12.5 km upstream there is an excellent rafting parcours.