Public Transport


In Side it is common to use taxis or the well-known Dolmus vans. Taxi: All taxis you can recognize here to the yellow color of the car. You can persist for a taxi along the side of the road but also what you can do is ask for a taxi at a taxi rank. At such a pitch, there are always taxis waiting for you and they will take you to wherever you want. Make a deal about the price with the taxi driver in advance so you will not be surprised afterwards. Usually at the taxi stands all the standard prices are already indicated on large signs. You can even make a reservation for the return trip. Explain the taxi driver where you want him to meet you and at what time. You will see that the taxi driver will be there.


The small vans that drive around in Side bring you from A to B. These vans are white and you can recognize them with a large blue stripe on the side. On the front of the dolmusbus you see the place where the bus goes to.(Side centre, Manavgat, Kumköy, Colakli). On the side you will see hotel names where the bus will stop also. There are no officially bus stops here in Side and also no departure times. If you encounter such a van on the side of the road you can just hold your hand in the air and the bus will stop for you. You can therefore get on the bus where you want. You can take place and give your money to the person who is sitting in front of you and it will passed on to the bus driver. In the same way you will receive your return money.

So if you are tapped in the bus on your shoulder and you get money in your hands than the intention is that you pass this money to the person who is sitting in front of you.

You can not only get on the bus where you want but also get off wherever you want. If you have arrived at the place where you want to get off you call just very loud “stop” (dur). You’ll notice that the bus driver will stop the bus.

If you want to take e dolmusbus to the centre of Side, then you simply sit in the dolmusbus until it comes to a standstill on the dolmus parking lot of Side. The vans drive not all the way through to the centre/shopping street Side. The vans are not allowed to drive to the old city gate. On the dolmus parking lot is a tractor train which brings to you the last 750 metres to the centre of Side. It is also possible to walk the last 750 meters. Then you will pass along all the old Roman excavations and ancient amphitheatre. If you want to go back just get into the tractor and the tractor brings you to back to dolmusbus parking lot.