The travel time is approximately one hour to Antalya from Side.

Antalya lies at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, making it a whimsical rocky coast. However, there are many tourists because not far from the city are beautiful sandy beaches. There are therefore most hotels and resorts. But Antalya itself is already a fascinating destination with a rich past.

The city was founded in the second century by King Attalos II, who gave his name to (Attaleia). The old town and the port area are beautifully restored. You can wander for hours in narrow streets with wooden houses, shops, markets, tea and coffee houses and restaurants. It is a strange sensation to be in these historic surroundings also hyper modern nightclubs and discos to find. At the Antalya Bazaar especially lovers of beautiful jewelry can save their battle.

In the Archaeological Museum is good to see that there are many different peoples have lived in these regions. The museum displays artifacts from prehistory to the Ottoman time. There is a special section for children.

The beautiful Düden waterfalls are within easy reach from Antalya. The waterfalls have a down-falll, about where the rock face plunges into the sea and an upper fall about 15 miles inland is situated in a beautiful park. You must walk by the caves behind the waterfall and you see a very breathtaking piece of nature.

The Kursunlu waterfalls are situated in a very nice environment. It feels like you are walking in a veritable jungle when you arewalking between the waterfalls and beautiful lakes.