Köprülü Kanyon

The Köprülü Kanyon is approx. 60 km from Side via the D-400 towards Antalya and approx. after 25 km you will see a turn to the right Beşkonak / Köprülü Kanyon.

The Köprülü River is ideal for rafting and camping. It forms a valley between the villages of Bolasan and Beskonak, . Pine trees, cypresses and cedar trees form the ecosystem of the area, and the Mediterranean cypress forest, with a width of 400 hectares, is the most important feature of the park’s flora. There are many trout in different branches of the Köprülü River.

Apart from the natural beauty, the ruins of the Roman city of Selge, 12 km away, are an interesting place to see. This town still has the remains of a theater, Agora, temples of Zeus and Artemis and reservoirs. The bridges of Oluk and Bugrum connect the remains of the old stone road that connects Selge with Pamphlia.

The Köprülü Kanyon is an important area for water sports and is ideal for rafting. Camping is also popular along the shady river banks and there are plenty of restaurants.

Tip: Pension Perge eat delicious trout in beautiful surroundings.