Perge and Aspendos

The travel time from Side to Perge is approximately 55 minutes.

The ancient city of Perge is approximately 50 km from Side and is definitely worth a visit because of a very impressive theater (good for 15.000 spectators) and an arena which a number of 25,000 visitors could hostels.

The city flourished under the Romans which came only in the Byzantine era ended. The city gate dating from the 3rd century BC is also in a very well-preserved state. Behind this gate you can still clearly see how the city was 23 centuries ago from the Agora, Roman baths, must see, gymnasium etc. They are still reasonably kept and gives you still a very good image.

The travel time is approximately 35 minutes from Side to Aspendos.

One of the best preserved amphitheatres in the world is the Aspendos theatre. This is situated about 35 km from Side. The theatre that was built in the 2nd century a.d. is now still used for the Aspendos festival. It offers place for 20,000 spectators and you must have seen this.